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SmoothCreations announces Smooth HD SCinema

by on13 November 2008


HTPC that can eat Crysis

Smoothcreations has teamed up with BFG to launch a rather unique HTPC system called Smooth HD SCinema. The Smooth HD SCinema comes packed in a neat looking Silverstone LC18 HTPC case, but when you take a look at the specs of this machine things start to get a bit weird. 

HTPC systems are purposely built for movie playback, although they normally also allow you to do things like surf the Web, play music and such things, but SmoothCreations decided to pack a high-end gaming machine into this one. The specs include an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770, two BFG Geforce 280 GTX cards in SLI mode and no less than 8GB of G.Skill DDR3 memory, all fitted to Intel's Bonetrail motheboard.

Things get really cool when you know that this "little thing" packs ten Terabytes of Western Digital SATA hard drives, two Lite-On Blu-Ray drives and an ATI PCIe TV-tuner. Then there's 50in Samsung Plasma HDTV, the Klipsch THX Ultra 2 Speakers and a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse.

As is the case with all Smoothcreations' systems this one is also customizable and can be custom painted. The new Smooth SCinema is available for immediate delivery with the price tag set at US$19,975.00.

Here are some pictures of it




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