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Microsoft showcased computer table

by on01 June 2007

Surface, coffee table computer in action

We told you about Microsoft's coffee table a couple of days ago, here, and now we stumbled upon a few videos of Microsoft's new toy.

The gadget looks damn nice, and judging by the video it works pretty well too, remember Minority Report ?

It has a 30 inch screen, Core 2 Duo processor, a 256MB graphics card and 2 GB of memory. The contraption also supports WiFi, bluetooth, and it runs a modified version of Windows Vista.

It doesn't use a touchscreen, instead Microsoft uses five "near infrared" cameras to detect geeky fingers and objects on the surface. The system can detect and track as many as 50 touches at once.

Surface will cost from $5000 to $10000 at launch, but prices are expected to fall rapidly. I can already se an army of well off geeks with twisted spines suing the hell out of Microsoft.

Check out the videos and much more at

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