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Gamers to catch criminals

by on13 November 2008


Most Wanted ending up in games

A Japanese
company has decided to release an Internet-based slot machine game using mug shots of criminal suspects from the country's wanted list.

Famista will start the free game as a way of publicizing the photographs of suspects, drawing on the popularity of "pachinko" pinball. In a press release the company said that players who hit the jackpot will be shown detailed information about the suspect and how to report any leads in their cases.

The company feels that it might be a new way to contribute to the community. While there are  many Internet sites that display photos of those on the wanted list, but they are not necessarily visited frequently. However, by mixing it with entertainment, the company thinks it can make some contributions to the police efforts.

Pachinko is a Japanese version of pinball played for prizes that can be exchanged for cash.  Punters will be able to access the online game via their computers or mobile phones from Friday.
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