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YouTube content can be saved

by on01 June 2007
Realplayer allows save option

Real says that the latest version of it's digital music player would  allow users to save Internet video.Real will let consumers grab the clips and also store them on DVDs starting in June.

With RealPlayer, a "download this video" button will hover next to video seen on thousands of Web sites, RealNetworks said.

Consumers can download multiple videos simultaneously, including videos in the Flash, Windows Media, and QuickTime formats.

However the move is not likely to make the music and movie industry that happy. It is likely that they will claim that downloading the content will be in breach of their copyright.

YouTube is currently being sued by ViaCom for a billion dollars for allowing its users to upload its content, where users often post copyrighted programs they Real, which says that some 1.5 million copies of RealPlayer are downloaded daily, says that the program will not download programs prohibited by digital rights management software.

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