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Sirius/XM channel line-up changes ahead

by on10 November 2008


Combined best-of offerings plus a la carte packages

With the on-again, off-again and now finally done merger of Sirius and XM satellite radio providers, the true integration has started and has finally reached the channel offering level.

While it is not really known what the final line-up options will be, Sirius has started offering best-of XM channel offerings to Sirius subscribers and Best-of Sirius to XM subscribers. This is what is believed to be a first intermediate step in the integration of the two satellite radio providers line-up into what will become the combined Sirius satellite radio offerings in the future.

The combined company now has more than 19 million subscribers that are paying for satellite radio and the company expects to continue subscriber growth even during the current economic climate.

As for radio compatibility, all existing XM radio units will be able to add the Best of Sirius package to their current radio. For Sirius owners, the majority of Sirius radio units are compatible with adding the Best of XM radio offerings.

The new recently launched Starmate 5 will be the only radio that is able to support all of the current changes going forward and be able to take advantage of the a la carte and pick 50/100 options that are said to be coming in the future with a low monthly fee.

Sources indicate that the integration of the programming options will continue and subscribers should see much of this sort itself out before the first quarter of next year.

Last modified on 10 November 2008
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