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1.5TB Seagate Barracuda problems?

by on06 November 2008


Some buyers complain of issues with the drive

Yes, 1.5TB of disk space seemed like the impossible dream just a few short years ago, but now, as we all know, Seagate has made dreams a reality with the release of the 1.5TB Barracuda 7200.11 hard drive.

The drive has been reviewed by a variety of sources and we have seen few complaints about the drive or its performance, but now things seem to cropping up as owners are complaining of what can only be described as random freezes when using this drive.

It seems that it does not matter which OS you are running, it seems to affect Windows users, Linux users, and even Mac OS X users. Whether you are running the drives in a RAID or not seems to make no difference. It also does not seem to matter who makes the SATA controller that the drives are connected to.

While some are suggesting that the problem seems to have to do with the “write cache” option on the drive based upon testing, the problem is that turning the write cache off on the drive causes the drive to experience a serious performance hit.

Many people can’t agree on whether or not Seagate knows about the issue or if it is working on a fix for the problem. Our exploring seems to indicate that Seagate does, in fact, know about the problem, but has offered nothing official on what they intend to do about it. We will continue to watch this and let you know what we are able to find out about what is going on with the 1.5TB drives.
Last modified on 06 November 2008
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