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Lanner releases two entry-level comms platforms

by on31 May 2007


Based on  VIA CN700 architecture

Networking company Lanner Electronics has released two entry level network communication platforms based on VIA CN700 architecture.

The FW-6440 and FW-6490, is designed for rapid deployment in low-power and cost-sensitive security applications.

In a press release, Lanner's Vice President Lawrence Chao said that with the VIA C3 platform is quickly reaching end-of-life, system integrators need a superior migration option with rich integrated features.

Both systems come with an onboard VIA C7 processor up to 2GHz with integrated PadLock Security engine.

Both models include four integrated Ethernet ports with one pair supporting abnormal state packet bypass, allowing easy deployment in front-line security applications where reliability is a key concern.
Last modified on 31 May 2007
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