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Windows 7 pre-beta floating around

by on03 November 2008


Showed up on BitTorrent after PDC release

Microsoft can’t be happy at all that the Windows 7 pre-beta that they handed out at the professional developers’ conference showed up on BitTorrent shortly after they handed it out. However, the good news might be that downloading of it via BitTorrent continues to be brisk.

While complaints from the BitTorrent community continue that the version of the Windows 7 pre-beta was not the latest build, that did not stop the number of people that were both downloading and uploading it. Of course, the typical complaints were filtering in from those downloading, saying that the download speeds were very slow.

What might be more telling is the fact that the initial reaction to the Windows 7 pre-beta was very disappointing, according to the majority of those that have posted their impressions to a variety of places. This little peek at what Microsoft is doing with Windows 7 is already being called an attempt to revise Vista to increase the adoption rate.

The BitTorrent distribution of the Windows 7 pre-beta and the negative feedback that it has been receiving has to be troubling for Microsoft. Still, those that download it need to remember that this is an early pre-beta release that was intended to be nothing more than a glimpse of what is going on with the development and nothing more.

In the meantime we are sure that many who download it will scrutinize it and see which direction Microsoft is heading and hopefully not pass judgment on the future of the product based on a leaked pre-beta release.

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