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Asus CEO talks Eee

by on22 October 2008


Anything over 10 inches is not a netbook

In an
interview with Laptop magazine, Asus CEO Jerry Shen talked about the future of netbooks and the Eee's market success. He also revealed some Eee sales numbers and several new concepts we can expect in future Eee series products.

Asus expects to meet its goals and ship as many as 5 million Eee PCs by the end of 2008. The company plans to expand the Eee lineup with several new SKUs next year, including multi-touch enabled Windows 7 machines in mid-2009. Dual-core Atoms will first appear in the stylish S101, but later they should be available in other models.

Asus will not offer netbooks with screen sizes in excess of 10 inches. "In my viewpoint, if we go to an 11-inch or 12-inch it will become a notebook." says Shen. The company plans to offer several new products in 2009, and we'll see the first ones in Q1. Future Eee pricing should remain in the $250 to $700 range.

You can find the full interview on, here.
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