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Vista Service Pack 2 in the pipeline

by on20 October 2008


Slated to arrive prior to Windows 7 release

So, now we know that the next version of Windows will be called Windows 7 and it is likely to arrive in late 2009 or very early in 2010. In the meantime, the latest news is that Microsoft will be putting a lot of effort into a second service pack for Windows Vista.

The Service Pack 2 for Vista is already in development and more details on the specifics of Service Pack 2 are expected in the next couple months. Right now, we don’t know the specifics, but we do know that Microsoft is saying privately that they need this Service Pack to address some issues in Vista as well as Windows Server 2008, as well.

Microsoft needs to turn the tide on public perception on Windows Vista; but according to various sources, while this might be possible to try to change minds in home users who are stuck with Vista, the majority of enterprise and business users have already told Microsoft that they will wait for Windows 7. This means that Windows 7 will be a very pivotal release for Microsoft, which would mean that we might see Microsoft spend more time working on the enterprise and business-oriented features to increase the adoption rate by enterprise and business customers.

In the meantime, Windows Server 2008 has struggled in adoption, as well. Much of this has been due in part to issues with many enterprise/corporate customer hesitance to adopt the new server OS due to the lack of a first service pack. While Windows Server 2008 has lacked a first service pack, it is expected that when the first Service Pack arrives it will be labeled as Service Pack 2, as that will keep it on track with Vista. While Microsoft has yet to commit to the timing and what the service pack will offer, they are suggesting that more details will be coming soon. Of course, who knows how soon that will be?

As for Windows 7, development does continue and some sources are suggesting that we might see some of the Windows 7 features as a part of Service Pack 2 for Vista. The first Beta for Windows 7 is slated for release in mid-December, but some are already whispering of a possible slip as timing is tight with all of the service pack development that is being worked on.

Microsoft knows that they need to get the Windows OS back on track, and while they continue to talk a good game about the success of Windows Vista, the reality is that many users continue to downgrade to Windows XP; but Microsoft is still counting these sales as Windows Vista sales, according to various reports. It is surely going to be an eventful next couple of months for Windows and Microsoft and we will continue to monitor the situation.

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