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World's largest spam bust doesn't dent the flow

by on20 October 2008


Spam goes on and on and on

The shutting
down of the largest spam operation in the world, which was run by a New Zealander living in Queensland, has had no measurable impact on global spam volumes. HerbalKing was responsible for one-third of all spam, the non-profit antispam research group SpamHaus said.  It sent more than 10 billion a day.

But spam levels remain at about 90 per cent of all email messages, despite the FTC's claims that the bust would give inboxes some reprieve. IronPort, which tracks worldwide spam volumes, reported that 183.5 billion spam messages were sent last Monday, the day the FTC obtained its injunction against the HerbalKing group.

Yesterday, 142.4 billion spam messages were sent, a normal drop considering it was a Sunday. Overall, between last Monday and yesterday spam levels dropped from 90.9 per cent of all email to 89.7 per cent of all email.
Last modified on 21 October 2008
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