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No Blu-ray for the time being

by on15 October 2008


Jobs says it is “a bag of hurt”

It is
obvious from the Apple launch today that Apple has given the idea of adding Blu-ray drives and support as an option for their products a lot of thought. At least for the time being, Apple has elected to stay away from Blu-ray, with Steve Jobs proclaiming that Blu-ray is “a bag of hurt.”

While Apple did not shut the door on Blu-ray support in the future, they did suggest that they wanted to wait until things settled down a bit before having to deal with the licensing and complex tech that is a part of Blu-ray. Of course, Apple did suggest that they already have the best in HD and HDTV content that is available from iTunes.

While the news will not be welcome to Mac users that are home theater enthusiasts hoping for Blu-ray support, the news that HDMI support is limited in resolution and the future is DisplayPort is sure to catch their eyes.

We predict that if the Blu-ray adoption rate is given a real honest-to-goodness kick upward this holiday season that Apple will relent and introduce Blu-ray support in the next refresh during Mac World. In the meantime, we also suspect that Apple’s decision not to support Blu-ray yet may have more to do with the cost of doing so, as Blu-ray drives continue to be rather expensive which, it turn, drives system costs up.

Last modified on 15 October 2008
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