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Black Friday Blu-ray to go for $150

by on15 October 2008


Last year, HD DVD; this year, Blu-ray

Well, with the continuing drop in Blu-ray prices we suspected that it would happen and now we are getting word that it will. Last year HD DVD players were all the rage at $150 and this time around, Black Friday Blu-ray players will go for $150.

Our sources are now telling us that the usual suspects in the Black Friday buyers’ extravaganza will be treated to a variety of brick and mortar sources selling Blu-ray players for $150. While it is unlikely that these players will be the latest generation of Blu-ray offerings, nonetheless $150 Blu-ray players are set to make their first appearance.

Our sources are telling us that the Samsung BD-P1500 will be one of the ones that will be blown out with help from Samsung. Due to the fact that Samsung is kicking in on the deal, we suspect that other retailers that sell Samsung will also get in on the act.

According to our sources, additional details on where you can pick one of these Blu-ray players up for $150 will start to become known soon. We suspect that several other first and second generation model Blu-ray offerings will reach the $150 blow out pricing, but, of course, these players will not support all of the latest Blu-ray bells and whistles. Still, it the first sign of Blu-ray delivering on its promise of affordability.
Last modified on 15 October 2008
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