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New MacBook Air to be shown?

by on14 October 2008


Suggestions that a new model to be shown today

While others can take credit for breaking this story first, we chose to proceed a bit more carefully as we have not been able to get more information beyond the fact that Apple may possibly show off a new revised MacBook Air at the notebook launch event later today.

Our sources seem to conflict over exactly what Apple would be introducing with this new MacBook Air, beyond the fact that the revised model would get a bit of a speed bump as well as rumored built-in optional 3G cellular support.

If Apple does, in fact, choose to move forward and show off the new MacBook Air later today, we expect that they will also announce that consumers will not be able to get one until sometime in January 2009. The general feeling is that inventory levels of the current version of the MacBook Air might just be where Apple wants them to make it “OK” to announce the new upcoming model.

Last modified on 14 October 2008
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