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Asus raises goal for 2008 notebook shipments

by on08 October 2008


High demand for netbooks drives sales


Asus doesn't seem to be concerned about the state of the global economy. The company has increased its notebook shipment goal for Q4 2008.

A lot of emphasis is being placed on its Eee PC netbook series, and Asus expects to ship 50,000 units of the new S101 this month alone. Asus plans to ship around 700,000 Eee PSs this month and expects the new S101 will eventually account for 10 percent of total Eee sales. In the first three quarters the company sold 3.4 million Eee PCs.

The new S101 should appear in the next three to four weeks. Two SKUs will be available, a 32GB version priced at $699 and a 64GB model which is expected to sell for $799 to $899. As many as 200,000 to 300,000 units are to be shipped by the end of the year.

Apart from the S101, Asus will announce two additional Eee PCs by the end of the year. No details on these products are available yet, but according to Digitimes they should be positioned between the S101 and 1000H and priced at $551 to $582.

Total notebook sales, including the Eee netbook series, are now expected to reach 11 million units. Netbooks should account for 3.8 million units, or 35 percent of total notebook/netbook sales. Considering this market segment didn't even exist a year ago, this is a very impressive share.

Asus plans to overtake Lenovo in worldwide shipments next year.

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