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Apple to host launch event on October 14th

by on10 October 2008


Could show off new $800 notebook

Apple looks to be putting all of their notebook ducks in a row with invites that they are sending out to the media for a special notebook launch event on Tuesday, October 14th.

While rumors are running wild of what new notebooks Apple will be showing off, our sources are telling us that we are likely to see a new 13” aluminum MacBook launched at this event. The new 13” aluminum MacBook is a step up from the plastic encased MacBook of the past.

The bigger news, however, is the fact that our shadow dwellers are telling us that you can expect Apple to announce some price cuts in conjunction with this launch event. According to our sources, we should expect Apple to tell us that they are moving to 12 different notebook price points ranging from $800 on the low end to a whopping $3,100 on the high end for the new top-of-the-line model.

The move to the $800 would represent a $300 price drop from the current low-end notebook price point and would put Apple in a more competitive position against lower-priced, Windows-based notebook models.

Last modified on 11 October 2008
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