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MSI confirms Wind U120 is coming soon

by on07 October 2008


A stylish, business oriented version

In a chat
with Laptop Magazine, MSI's U.S. Sales boss Andy Tung shed some light on the upcoming Wind U120. We've heard the first rumors about the new, stylish Wind this Summer, but now we've got official confirmation and a few specs as well.

The new Wind will feature an entirely new, sleeker design as well as an SSD option, probably 20 to 40GB. It will retain the 10-inch screen of the U100 and have a gigabyte of memory. It's slated for launch in November or early December and Tung claims MSI will keep the price under $600, which is still quite a bit pricier than the U100.

MSI sells 150,000 to 250,000 Winds a month and Tung claims sales are still limited by Intel's Atom shipments. Asked about the dual-core version, Tung says we should not expect to see it till the second half of 2009. This is Intel's call, not MSI's.

One interesting detail is that Linux return rates are four times as high as return rates for XP machines. Apparently, consumers rush to get a Linux version due to its low price, but soon realize that the more familiar XP would have been a better choice.

When asked about upcoming 10-inch netbooks from Lenovo and Samsung, and MSI's plans to differentiate the Wind from them, Tung humbly replies: "Well, you would be surprised who makes those notebooks." In any case, MSI seems bent on offering a bit more screen acreage than the competition and plans to launch a $699 12-inch netbook in October.

You can find the full interview here.

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