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Online poker cheating scam blows wide open

by on03 October 2008


UltimateBet.com and Absolute Poker


An Australian online poker player has managed to blow a $US10 million cheating scam wide open, which resulted in the parent company’s $75 million legal claim against software developers.

Michael Josem's detailed data analysis revealed that some players are unrealistically winning large sums of money at such a fast rate that sheer luck is just out of question.

The company that owns both sites investigated the matter and found that the sites contained a hole that would enable players to use cheats in order to see all other players’ cards. They, in turn, filed a $US75 million claim against the software developers, claiming they were unaware of this when they purchased the sites in 2006.

One of the most successful poker players in the world, Russ Hamilton, was identified as the main perpetrator, but he had quite a number of accomplices who often used different accounts in order to cover it up. Talk about luck, eh?

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Last modified on 04 October 2008
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