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Financial crisis will hit IT in 2009

by on30 September 2008


Senior sources confirm

We spent
some time talking to some senior people in the IT industry and we all came to the conclusion that the IT market will suffer from the current financial crisis. We will really start to feel it in 2009, but many might not hit their Q4 targets, as people will simply be much more cautious when spending their money.

Currently, IT sales of PCs and components are doing fine, but as you can expect job cuts and more bankruptcies of major financial institutions, banks, insurance houses and similar companies; people will most likely slow down their IT spending.

The logic behind it is rather simple, if you don't have a job you don't buy a new computer. This will probably lead to less production of most computer related items, lower revenues and less profit for these companies.

It won’t slow down introduction of new products, at least not the major ones and you can expect new graphics generations in Q2 2009, Centrino 3 in late Q2 2009, new Nehalem generation dual and quad-cores in Q3, and we even dare to say AMD’s 45nm processors in 2009.  

Last modified on 01 October 2008
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