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Microsoft doesn?t allow 2GB RAM Netbooks

by on09 October 2008


Too much memory

We were
told that 2GB of memory is still not possible for netbooks, as Microsoft is trying to prevent the manufacturers from plugging so much memory. We were told that all big netbook manufacturers were told not to put more than 1GB of RAM memory for the time being a while ago, and Microsoft isn't about to change its mind.

MSI has already announced a Luxury Edition Wind with 2GB of RAM. Asus will probably dare to do it before the Christmas and everyone else will follow, and we suspect that Microsoft is scared that people might want to push Vista on that small notebook. The chipset probably won’t be happy about Vista’s Aero as it’s old and weak, and therefore Microsoft doesn’t want people to get disappointed.

As we said in our Wind notebook U100 review here, netbooks are great as a second PC, but we simply cannot imagine working 8+ hours a day or watching movies and using Facebook, something that most teenagers and adults do on their machines today. These things are too small for using them throughout the day. You need 14+ inches to be happy with the size of your screen and netbooks just aren't close to that. They are light, small and unfortunately, the battery on most of them is a big disappointment, so it’s not even mobile.

We are sure many 2GB RAM netbooks will soon hit the market; but at press time, we could only find the Wind.

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