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Asus is expected to launch Touch Eee at CES

by on09 October 2008


Also taking dual core Eee PCs

Digitimes has gotten the word that Asus is working on some new Eee PC models and it seems like the company had decided to launch touch screen models due to popular demand. No model specifics were mentioned and it might be on a new model or even multiple models, rather than modifying a current one.

Expect to see the touch screen Eee PCs at CES 2009, which should be commencing on January 8th. Asus is expecting that the touch screen models will drive sales of the new Eee PC models, but we're not sure this feature alone will pique the interest of the general Eee PC user, although it will surely be popular with some.

However, Asus is also working on a dual-core model which we have a feeling will be vastly more popular, and we'd expect dual-core models with touch screens, as well. The only problem here is that Intel hasn't announced a mobile dual-core Atom processor as yet, so we might have to wait a while longer for these models.

On top of this, Asus is also meaning  to launch a new "budget" Eee PC, which sounds quite funny considering that the original model was meant to be a low-cost notebook alternative. The new model which is also set to launch in 2009 is meant to cost less than €225.

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