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Spore is the most pirated game

by on15 September 2008


Only way to avoid the DRM

EA games DRM on its game Spore has been downloaded 500,000 times on BitTorrent and observers say that it is the only way that users can avoid the game's draconian DRM.

The game is popular, but not as popular as its illegal version, which is proving to be the belle of the pirate sites. The main reason seems to be that EA put restrictions on the unpirated version that meant that users could only install it three times.

Many commentors on various BitTorrent sites say that EA has persecuted legitimate uers with so much heavy and intrusive DRM it has left them no choice but to pirate it. Deathkitten writes in a comment on The Pirate Bay that it is the only way that users have the power to make this the most pirated game ever, to "give corporate bastards a virtual punch in the face." It is starting to look like Spore will be the most pirated game ever on BitTorrent.

Sims 2 currently holds the record for the most pirate downloads. There are no accurate stats for this game, since it was released long before we started tracking downloads, but we estimate that approximately a million copies have been downloaded.
Last modified on 15 September 2008
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