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Windows 7 could be slated for June 3rd 2009

by on17 September 2008


Preview coming at developer conference

Many sources are telling us today that Microsoft has slated the launch for Windows 7 on June 3rd 2009, which is quite a bit sooner than anyone would have expected.

While some developers and hardware manufacturers have already received preview builds of Windows 7 to start working on compatibility and performance, the rest of the story is that Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie will announce the public launch of the platform at the Professional Developers Conference on October 27, 2008. Microsoft will also show off the latest build of Windows 7 at this time.

It is suspected that if Microsoft moves ahead with this plan to launch Windows 7 at this time, they will also announce a new branding for this version of Windows so that we can stop referring to it as Windows 7. Microsoft has made some bold promises for Windows 7, which centered on correcting many of the issues that many have had with Windows Vista.

Right now, we would have to flag this one as possible and in line with what Bill Gates had said earlier this year, but it is almost too soon to tell. If Microsoft is going in this direction, they are trying their best to keep quiet, but our sources continue to crow that this is what will happen.

Last modified on 17 September 2008
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