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RIM to partner with TiVo

by on12 September 2008


Control your TiVo with your BlackBerry

RIM announced today that they will be partnering with DVR leader TiVo on the development of a variety of concepts that will merge the flexibility of BlackBerry with the power of TiVo.

While details were a bit sketchy of what all the future may hold for this arrangement with RIM and TiVo, we do know that soon they will be bringing a customized TiVo service to the BlackBerry platform. First up will be the ability to remotely control your TiVo from your BlackBerry from anywhere.

The remote control and scheduling technology will only be the first step, and RIM and TiVo expect to grow the abilities over time to additional functionality and features. No word on if TiVo2GO is on the roadmap for BlackBerry, but it was suggested that it might be possible for at least some BlackBerry devices to offer this feature in the future. (TiVo2GO allows the downloading and viewing of TiVo recorded content on another device.)

Last modified on 12 September 2008
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