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Google fixes Chrome

by on09 September 2008


Security problems

Google has rushed out a security fix for its Chrome browser. The new version,, replaces the that was released when Google launched the Chrome beta version last week. Google has not made much of an announcement about the change.

Mark Larson, Google Chrome program manager said that 149.29 is a security update and was released as fast as Google could. He claimed he didn’t have time to prepare people more for it because the vulnerabilities were made public without giving us a chance to respond, update, and protect our users first. It is not clear which security issues Google has fixed and it is still not saying.

"Chrome will update itself automatically and the update applied at the next browser restart," Google said. There have been several security problems found with Chrome. One is a carpet-bombing vulnerability that could help attackers install malicious software on a user's computer.  This is likely to be the one that Google has fixed.

But another is a buffer overrun that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on a user's computer and thereby take control.
Last modified on 10 September 2008
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