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Talk to the press and lose your job

by on15 September 2008


Microsoft contractor likely to face legal problems

Consultant Robert Delaware was recently terminated by Microsoft for talking to the press about the “Red Ring of Death” issue that has plagued Xbox 360 consoles for some time. In an on-the-record discussion with Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat, he shed some light on the chronological series of events inside the Microsoft empire.

The problem is that Delaware was not authorized to speak to the press on the record and his comments were made without the permission of Microsoft, which led to his dismissal. Delaware worked for VMC, a company which tests games for Microsoft. Delaware was, in fact, a contractor working for Excell Data and learned a lot about the problems with the Xbox 360 hardware issues during his time working at Microsoft.

In a discussion with an HR representative from Excell Data, Delaware learned that, according to this HR representative that he would likely face some legal problems over his decision to speak to the press without authorization, and it was a breach of both Microsoft company policy and Excell Data to speak on the record to the press without authorization. Also, it was a violation of his consulting agreement which has a confidentiality clause, according to inside sources.

While Microsoft was well within their rights to let Delaware go, he claims that he had no idea of the implications of talking to Takahashi and he says that he will fight any attempt of theirs to come after him in a civil action.
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