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Let?s Rock Apple event today

by on09 September 2008


We already know most of what to expect

Today at 1 P.M. EST Apple will start its “Let’s Rock” launch event for the media. In the past these events have offered a lot of surprises, but our moles have worked hard to get you the best information so that you didn’t have to wait to find out what Apple has in store. In case you missed it, let’s recap what we expect Apple to announce today.

As we have been telling you, a new iPod Nano has been confirmed. It will make a return to the vertical rectangular shape with a wide screen that can be turned sideways to watch video. The casing will feature a rounded design, which is new, and we have been hearing some rumors of some new colors that have been added just in time for the launch. The new Nano is expected to be offered in a 16GB version, which is double the 8GB of flash memory in the current version of the Nano.

The iPod Touch will get a makeover, as well. The new third generation will take a page from the Nano to introduce the same sort of curved shape as the Nano. The new iPod Touch will feature version 2.1 of the firmware and we continue to hear that it will offer an external volume control. We continue to hear rumors of additional features for the iPod Touch, including the possible addition of an external speaker, a mic for recording, a camera, and a GPS.

We think that only the GPS option is likely a possible addition and the other features are too close for the iPhone for Apple to want to risk a loss of sales in that segment. While rumors of a move to 64GB of memory continue to be suggested, we find it unlikely that it will happen this time around, and Apple will leave the iPod Touch at 32GB of flash memory for the time being. Since the iPod Touch is getting the version 2.1 firmware, we expect that Apple will announce that 2.1 is coming to the iPhone soon, as well.

Last, but not least, we know that Apple will launch the new version of iTunes which will be version 8.0. Version 8.0 of iTunes is expected to add new features such as Grid View, Genius Playlist, a new Virtualizer and rumored support for HD TV Shows.

As for the normal “One more thing…” we expect that Apple will NOT launch any of the new MacBooks or MacBook Pros that had been expected for this event. Instead, we expect Apple to have another separate launch event for the computing products a few weeks from now. We expect that a new version of the Mac Mini will be part of this event, as well.

Look for more coverage of the Apple Let’s Rock event on Fudzilla later today.
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