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Apple event on the 9th of September

by on03 September 2008


New iPod's are expected

It's no secret that Apple has a habit of launching new iPod products at least once a year and Apple is having an event on the 9th of September in San Francisco and this is likely to be when it'll announce this year's new iPod's such as the rumoured new iPod Nano.

Apple might have some other products that it's planning to launch, but so far there are just a lot of rumour but very little substantiated proof of anything else but new iPods. However, we wouldn't be amazed if Apple announced a new Mac book range, as the current models have been around for a while now and the competition (yes, those pesky Windows notebooks) are starting to get rather competitive these days, not just in terms of specifications, but even in terms of design.

Speculations aside, we would expect to see a lot more than just a few new iPod products, as Apple never only launch a single new product range, so whatever else Apple has up its sleeve, we'll have to wait until next week to find out. It all starts 10.00 in the morning, San Francisco time.
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