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Creative announces GigaWorks T3 speakers

by on02 September 2008


Displayed at IFA

Creative has announced its latest addition to its GigaWorks series of speakers with the GigaWorks T3's which is a set of premium desktop speakers with what Creative calls a SLAM (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) subwoofer design.

Creative's GigaWorks speakers has been the flagship line for quite some time, but this is the first 2.1 speaker set to join the GigaWork range. The new satellites feature a single speaker each and have a small stand. The subwoofer features the aforementioned SLAM technology and has a bass control knob.

The wired remote control features an auxiliary input using a standard 3.5mm jack and it also has a headphone socket for those times when you want/need to use your headphones. We're still waiting for a set of speaker that incorporate a mic input here as well, as many gamers use a headset with their PC and this would vastly simplify connecting it to the sound card.

The GigaWorks T3's are expected to arrive sometime in September for an estimated retail price of €199(£162).

You can find the press release here
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