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Corsair gives free advice

by on29 August 2008


Memory and PSU-wise

While we were stalking Corsair's Web pages for some new announced products we stumbled upon a rather interesting application note, as Corsair likes to call them. The catch is that Corsair has published some documents in which they explain to their customers why to upgrade their memory, PSU and, of course, why it all matters in the first place.

Unfortunately, for end users these are somewhat hidden at Corsair's Website, but these look like a great deal if you like being introduced to the way memory works, why you need extra of it, and why dual channel matters, for example. The two "application notes" that caught our attention explain about high-quality PSUs, and the other is so-called memory upgrade resource guide.

We first thought that these were purely marketing stuff published by Corsair, but once you look at them, they actually make sense since there are a lot of people out there that just don't know why and how to upgrade their memory and what they will gain from it. End users should consider these as a free advice from Corsair and this is something that all companies should do eventually.

You can find those application notes listed here.

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