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MSN falls for malvertising

by on28 August 2008


Beware the jaws that bite, the teeth that snap

MSN Norway
is among the latest victim of malvertising, according to Morten Krakvik from the Norwegian Honeynet Project.

Malvertising is a practice where a bogus advertising provider tricks leading portals into accepting advertisements from its network. The advert usually ends you redirecting to live exploit URLs.   There have been a wave of malvertising that also targeted Digg, MSNBC and Newsweek.

Malvertisers keep changing are the fake security software domains that they push through their campaigns. It particularly hits users of Adobe Flash 9.0.16, Adobe Flash 9.0.28, Adobe Flash 9.0.45, Adobe Flash 9.0.47, and Adobe Flash 9.0.115 Krakvik’s said that the malicious ad came from, which is still active.

It is not clear why MSN worked with such outfits like or does not try to screen its advertising.
Last modified on 29 August 2008
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