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New iPod Touch could include GPS

by on28 August 2008


Apple to launch new models on September 9th

Apple fans have been whipped into a frenzy with the confirmed news that Apple will launch a new batch of products on September 9th for the holiday season.

While we have been hearing September 9th as the possible launch day for the past couple of weeks, it seems now that this has now been confirmed, as Apple is getting ready. What we still are not sure of is which products Apple will include in this product refresh.

It does seem now that the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch will be included for certain. While the iPod Classic will not get a refresh this time around and the iPod Shuffle may be offered in a 4GB configuration, but this seems to be less likely from the latest reports that we are getting.

As for the iPod Nano refresh, the rumors of a move back to the tall rectangular design with wide screen support do seem to be accurate. Leaks of photos of cases that are being produced for the new version of the Nano are appearing all over the Internet.

At this point we consider the look of the new iPod Nano to be accurate, and we continue to be assured that Apple will be offering the new Nano in a 16GB configuration.

As for the iPod Touch, the latest reports that our moles are giving us say that Apple will add GPS functionality. We continue to hear rumors that the new version of the iPod Touch will be offered in a 64GB version, but we continue to think it is more likely that we will see a price cut on the 32GB version instead. We just don’t think Apple will move to 64GB with the iPod Touch, as it would cut into the sales of the 80GB iPod Classic.

In addition to all of the iPod news, Apple is expected to launch refreshes for at least some of the Mac computer product line. It is suspected that Apple will revise the MacBook and MacBook Pro with a new look that will feature a tapered aluminum look and feel, if reports that we hear hold true.

Reports also seem to favor revisions of the iMac product line prior to the holidays, but it is doubtful that these will appear at the September 9th launch. The other widely expected product is a low-cost Apple notebook that Apple has been said to have been working on for sometime.

We find it unlikely that this new low-cost notebook will make its appearance anytime soon, as we suspect that Apple is still trying to polish the product and figure out what kind of strategy is best for Apple to market it.

Last modified on 28 August 2008
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