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Kid quits school to become professional guitar hero

by on18 August 2008


And he can't play the real thing

The U.S.
press is all a flutter with the story of 16-year-old Blake Peebles, who has quit school to make a fortune playing the computer game guitar hero.

Blake, from North Raleigh in the U.S., cleans up in local competitions of "Guitar Hero" and has been noticed by those who organise game players around the country. Blake is so dedicated to gaming that his parents let him quit school so he can better concentrate on it.  Okay, he is getting home schooling, but his goal is to make a living playing competitive video games.

The silly season story has attracted some interest because of the U.S. backlash against video games, and the fear that it is distracting the glorious American youth from watching television. Of course, there is no question of Blake ever playing the real instrument.

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