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Aussie kids can phone a friend in exams

by on20 August 2008


Cheat with internet and iPods

A Sydney
girls' school is allowing students to "phone a friend" and use the Internet and iPods during exams.

Presbyterian Ladies' College at Croydon is allowing year 9 English students to cheat and will expand it to all subjects by the end of the year. An English teacher, Dierdre Coleman said students were being encouraged to access information from the internet and their mobile phones. They will have to cite all sources they use.

Ms. Coleman said schools needed to redefine our attitudes towards traditional ideas of 'cheating.'  If kids don’t understand the topic or what they are working on, all the data on the Internet is not going to help them.

I would have loved to have emailed Steven Hawking to help me during my science exam; I might have done a wee bit better. (Good thing you didn't, another mad scientist is the last thing the world needs right now. sub.ed.)

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