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AMD executives are cooler than Intel's

by on18 August 2008



FaceBook is a way to stay connected and to find some long lost friends and share your current happenings with your micro cosmos.

It’s a phenomenon that is quite hard to resist, and we can tell that many AMD executives uses this as a tool to share their thoughts with their friends.

We can tell that there are at least six AMD senior people, including a few vice presidents, that are using this tool to send the AMD message and to show their lives to their friends. At the same time there are a very few Intel executives using this tool.

Does this mean Intel executives are dull or is it simply that we don’t know that many people in Intel? This remains to be seen.

For the time being AMD wins by far, at least by FaceBook presence. They just need to start making better CPUs.

Last modified on 19 August 2008
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