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MacBook Air to get Penryn?

by on15 August 2008


Announcement said to likely come at IDF

According to one of our cloak and dagger bunch, expect that Apple will announce that they will introduce 2.0GHz Penryn that will grace a slightly revised MacBook Air with a high capacity battery at the Intel Developer Conference next week.

Our guys in the shadows are telling us that the new revision of the MacBook Air will build upon the good things that were successful the first time around, but will offer a faster Penryn- cored processor from Intel, as well as a cheaper SDD solution option or a 120GB/160GB hard drive if you don't select the SSD option.

In addition, the biggest news may be in the fact that the new version of the MacBook Air will carry a slightly higher capacity battery which will give the latest MacBook Air the ability to last a bit longer.

While we do think that it is possible that Apple may choose to work with Intel to make the Penryn announcement, we are just not sure about the IDF timing. With all of the other announcements that we suspect are pending shortly, we just can’t see that Apple will want to alter its strategy to announce at IDF in a effort to help Intel unless there is something in it for Apple, like maybe a better price on the Penryn or perhaps even access to a faster version of the processor ahead of other OEMs?

IDF is next week and we will just have to see what happens.

Last modified on 15 August 2008
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