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Blizzcon ticket disaster yields apology

by on15 August 2008


Blizzard president falls on his sword

If you
happened to survive the crashes to get a ticket to this year’s Blizzcon, then you are one of the lucky ones. The annual event sponsored by Blizzard experienced server troubles at the highest level which caused crashes, which led to an inability to purchase tickets to the event.

According to various reports, server crash after server crash continued to bring the entire process to a screeching halt from the start time on Monday until way into the morning. Blizzard seems to have been unable to resolve the issue, which has left a lot of fans very unhappy.

While Blizzard fans continue to be unhappy with the lack of communication and continued issues, part of the real issue is that to start with, only 12,000 tickets were available for over an estimated 11 million players.

The situation seems to have gotten a bit better with a public apology from Blizzard Co-Founder and President, Mike Morhaime, who really fell on his sword (so to speak) when he announced that they did have problems with the ticket sales.

What now has everyone in an uproar is the fact that 3,000 tickets will be dished out in a lottery system that many feel is unfair to those that have been trying to get tickets since they because available during all of the crashes. As one Warcraft fan said, I just can’t believe that they are going to open up 3,000 more tickets and then give them away on a lottery basis to a lot of people that were not even going to go in the first place.

If you are brave enough, a new cottage industry has already opened on eBay with those that were able to get a ticket “scalping” them for what can only be described as “insane” amounts of money. The average ticket on eBay for Blizzcon is going for between $400 to $500 dollars. Not a deal for what can only be described as a LAN party and more to take place at the Anaheim convention Center on October 10th and 11th.

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