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Speakal announces iPig

by on14 August 2008


Docking station/speaker


Speakal announced a cute gadget for all you that want iPhone to be more than just a phone. This pig-shaped docking station features 5 speakers, including a 4-inch subwoofer, adjustable bass control, 360° sound distribution and unparalleled design elements, although we're not sure that anyone would want to "parallel“ such a device.

Speakal claims that iPig, despite its size, is capable of pumping out 25 Watts of "premium sound,“ but we'd say that both the number and the term "premium sound“ are a bit exaggerated.

Still, it's a cute little gadget that comes with remote control, standard auxiliary 3.5mm input jack so you can connect other sources, and volume is controlled by touching the left and right ears.

It will be priced at $139.99, will feature a 90 days manufacturer's warranty and here's how it looks.


Last modified on 15 August 2008
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