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Manli joins Inno3D in 3D printer push

by on15 October 2014

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Launches two rebranded printers

Nvidia AIB partner Manli has joined Inno3D in launching two 3D printers. Inno3D launched its first printers a couple of weeks ago and they are already listed in Europe

Since Inno3D and Manli are both PC Partner brands, the printers are practically identical. The Manli SimplyPrint 3D is a rebadged Inno3D Printer M1, while the Manli MXPrint 3D is the Inno3D Printer D1.

mx printer 3d

The specs are the same, too. All of them have a build volume of 140mm (L) x 140mm(W) x 150mm (H), layer resolution of 0.13-0.30mm, 0.4mm nozzle and all use standard 1.75mm filament, reports 3Diot. The MXPrint 3D features an open design with a metal frame, while the SimplyPrint 3D is enclused in a plastic shroud.

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The printers sport a touchscreen user interface, automatic bed level calibration and they can automatically print supports and braces in more elaborate prints that require them.

Inno3D is pricing the printers at €1,150 in Europe and Manli's printers should cost about the same. Of course, Manli is PC Partner's brand for Asia, so its products are usually not available in western markets. 

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