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AMD will show up in iMac 27 and a few more

by on15 October 2014

Taking over more business over from Nvidia

Since last month we have been hearing that AMD has nested quite well in Apple, which used Nvidia GPUs in recent years.

AMD started the infiltration with last year's Mac Pro that currently ships solely with AMD professional GPUs and on the 16th of October Apple is expected to introduce a iMac 27 with a 5120x2880 panel powered by an AMD GPU

This is a significant win for AMD, but the real winner is Intel since most Apple notebooks will continue using integrated Intel HD or Iris graphics. Only a few iMac and Macbooks are using Nvidia Geforce 700 generation GPUs, but this might change as well. The iMac 27 with its 5120x2880 panel will be the highest resolution All-in-One on the market and having GPUs in two unique machines, the iMac 27 5K and Mac Pro, is a huge technological and psychological win for AMD. Intel Iris Pro is enough to run most Macbook computers, but for anything serious, a proper discrete GPU is still the king. 

We are not sure what Nvidia did to upset Apple, but this round of devices will be powered either by Intel integrated graphics or AMD discrete graphics. The only thing that comes to mind is that Nvidia might have approached to Apple about royalties for their GPU IP and Apple didn’t like it, but this is just speculation.

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