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Samsung to invest $14.7 billion in new fab

by on06 October 2014

Memory or processors?

Samsung is planning to invest $14.7 billion in a new fab over the next three years, but it is still unclear what the new fab will actually build.

According to Reuters, the plant should be constructed in three years. However, Samsung is not saying that the fab is for. The company said it could make processors or memory chips - the final decision has not been made yet. Samsung told Reuters that the new fab would increase its capacity by a low double digit percentage.

The fab will be constructed in Pyeongataek, south of Seoul. Construction should be completed by the second half of 2017, giving Samsung plenty of time to make up its mind.

The company is currently offering a number of different flash memory products, as well as 28nm and 20nm HKMG nodes for processors. Samsung recently started churning out its first 20nm SoCs and it is said to be producing as much as 30 percent of Apple A8 processors on its node.

Next year Samsung and GlobalFoundries hope to launch their new 16nm FinFET node.


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