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Snowden’s leaks did not help terrorists

by on19 September 2014

They already knew they were being spied on

Edward Snowden’s revelations of NSA surveillance did not compromise the ability of intelligence agencies to monitor terrorist groups, according to analysts.

Flashpoint Global Partners, a private security firm, examined the frequency of releases and updates of encryption software by jihadi groups found no correlation in either measure to Snowden’s leaks about the NSA’s surveillance techniques, which became public beginning June 5, 2013.

“Well prior to Edward Snowden, online jihadists were already aware that law enforcement and intelligence agencies were attempting to monitor them,” the report said.

Apparently the terrorists were using sophisticated encryption technology before 9/11.

“The underlying public encryption methods employed by online jihadists do not appear to have significantly changed since the emergence of Edward Snowden, ” the report said.

There report makes it clear that there is no substantive case against Snowden which shows he helped terrorists or harmed the ability of intelligence agencies to monitor terrorist organizations.

In fact it appears that Snowden is being blamed for every intelligence failure in the US from the rise of ISIS to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

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