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MSI Wind 2723 desktop listed

by on08 August 2008


Update: Expected MSRP €199 for Linux, €249 for XP

MSI's Wind
2723 nettop has been listed in the E.U. and the price currently stands at €237 for Linux, and €291 for the XP version.

It's based on Intel's single-core N270 Atom CPU, has 2048MB of memory, a 320GB hard drive and a DVD burner. The Linux version ships with Suse 10.0.

There are two Linux SKUs and one XP SKU, but at this point we're not sure what they look like. MSI will apparently offer two retail models as well as a version for system integrators.

One of the retail models is scheduled for October. It should feature a much more consumer oriented design and a slot in optical drive. The other models should be available in late August.

You can find the listings here.

Update: MSI got in touch with us claiming the official MSRP should be €199 for Linux and €249 for XP models. Early bird retailers seem to be skimming off the top (as usual), but prices will no doubt drop to MSI's official ones.
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