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Apple Watch poorly designed say experts

by on16 September 2014

Looks like it is done by a first year design student

Watch designers have been mocking Apple’s poor design skills saying that Jobs’ Mob’s efforts look like they have been hatched out by a first year design student.

Apple, who is famous for designing the rounded rectangle, appears to have amused the watch designers of Switzerland with its amateur effort. LVMH's watch guru and industry legend Jean-Claude Biver said he expected that with all the status accorded to Apple’s design skills he was expecting to see a lot more.

Biver said the gadget was not at all the “revolutionary product” it claimed. The square touch-screen face and curved edges, lacks “sex appeal” and is too feminine.

“It looks like it was designed by a student in their first semester.”

Tag Heuer chief Stephane Linder said he was surprised at Apple's heavy focus on sport and health monitoring functions, which aren't even new. Jerome Bloch, who heads the men's fashion unit at Parisian style agency Nelly Rodi, said Swiss luxury watchmakers had nothing to fear.

“They don't have the same target. Comparing Apple's new device to many Swiss watch offerings was like comparing a Mini Cooper with an Aston Martin,” he said.

Biver said that Luxury was eternal and not something that becomes worthless after five years. Anything Apple puts out is "doomed to become obsolete."

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