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iPhone 6 will not meet demand launch day

by on16 September 2014

Simply not enough phones to go around right now

With over four million iPhone 6 handsets pre-ordered in the first 24 hours, the initial supply of iPhone 6 product will not meet the demand. That’s what happens when you set a pre-order record for the first 24 hours.

What this means is that customers will be waiting beyond September 19th and far into October as supply catches up with demand. We have learned that at least some additional supply will be available to walk-in customers in Friday at 8am local time. Sources tell us that that this “walk-in” supply is very limited and isn’t going to last long.

While Apple has not said how long it will take for supply to catch up with demand, analysts we spoke with suggest that an estimate of late October that some are suggesting isn’t practical and it will likely push into November before the supply starts to catch up with the demand.

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