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Apple fanboys cue for non-existent product

by on04 September 2014

In front of Apple 5th Avenue store

Proof that Apple can still lower the intellectual standards of the world can be seen outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store.

Apple has not released a product but it is rumoured to be announcing one soon. No one actually knows what it is, but it is probably a clone of a Samsung big screen smart phone. Apple might also be announcing its copy of an intelligent watch which has failed to interest anyone in the market, although it has been on sale for a couple of years now. It is also not clear when the products will be hitting the stores as Apple has been unable to nail down its Chinese manufactures and has been facing delays.

That lack of knowledge, or intellect, has not stopped Apple fanboys and girls cuing up for products in New York.

Twitter is now full of images of people desperately waiting for the latest gadget even if they don’t know what it is or when it will arrive.

MacTrast posted this image with the words, "Want to be 1st in line for iPhone 6 at 5th Avenue Apple Store? You are WAY too late!

iphone 6 campers NYC

In the Middle Ages people used to risk life and limb to visit sacred sites in the hope that their god would spare them some time off from purgatory in the afterlife. Now people sleep outside for a few weeks in the hope to be the first to get an out-of-date expensive toy which will be thrown out in a year’s time. People had faith in a god or goddess, and now they have faith that a CEO will be able to get a product into the shops before Christmas.


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