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Amazon Fire TV launches in UK and Germany

by on04 September 2014

€49/£49 until Monday September 8th

Amazon’s FireTV made its debut in April in the US and now it is time to expand it to top European markets.

Amazon Fire TV is now available in the UK and Germany and to spice things up Amazon is offering the device at half price. Of course there is a catch in that deal, as Amazon gives you 50 percent off only if you get the Prime annual membership.

Germans will get €50 off the original €99 price and the Prime membership will cost the same €50. This is not a bad deal if you are buying a lot from Amazon and want free shipping on select items and you plan to watch a lot of TV.

Amazon gaming control sells for €39.99 and it will only be available on the 25th of September, some 20 days from now. Potential users in the UK will have to pay £34.99 for the Amazon Fire game controller and it should ship on the 23rd of October. It looks like and French and Spanish version of the site were left out from the Fire TV European launch.

This is one of the more powerful multimedia consoles that will fit your living room just fine and with the power of Snapdragon 600 is should run fast. The timing could not be better for Amazon as its fierce rival Netflix is set to launch its streaming services in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.  The game is on.



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