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Diablo 3 on Xbox One looks good at 1080p

by on21 August 2014

Still does not run 60p all of the time, dips into low 50s

So Digital Foundry has do what they do best and has examined Diablo 3 running on the Xbox One. As promised it does run at 1080p on the Xbox One and with the latest patches it resolves a couple of issues.

Graphically, it looks pretty much identical to the PlayStation 4 version, but may lack some granular level sharpness, but it isn’t really noticeable. The 1080p performance is better than the 900p performance that Microsoft found unacceptable and worked with Blizzard to make sure that the Xbox One version ran at 1080p.

The bigger question that Digital Foundry answers is if you can raise the resolution from 900p to 1080p and get the frame rate performance of 60fps that was expected. The answer really comes as little surprise. The 1080p resolution on the Xbox One does run normally at 60fps, but in extreme combat situations where there is a lot going on, it does dip to frame rates in the low 50s. This comes from an examination by Digital Foundry of over 1200 frames by hand.

Despite slight dip in frame rate, it does not make the game any less enjoyable to play and that is the point after all.

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