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Twitter will stop you seeing dead people

by on20 August 2014

If the relatives ask

Twitter said it will remove images or videos of dead people if their family members request it.

Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler tweeted that Twitter will remove imagery of deceased individuals in certain circumstances. Immediate family members and other authorised individuals may request the removal of images or videos of deceased individuals, from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death, the statement said.

The outfit said that it will consider public interest factors such as the newsworthiness of the content while reviewing such media removal requests and may not be able to honour every request.

While some people might get the video that their son tweeted seconds before he drove into a tree removed, if that son is Justin Bieber then it will stay up. Mostly so the staff of Twitter and Fudzilla, can play it over and over again while laughing manically,

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