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At least 2 Xbox One bundles are coming

by on05 August 2014

With Sunset Overdrive & Madden NFL 15

We have known for some time that Microsoft would start added pack-in titles to their Xbox One consoles. Traditionally Microsoft has always offered these bundles for the holiday season or to celebrate the release of important new titles for the console and many times in the past these have been accompanied by new themed versions of the console and controller. So far Microsoft has not done this yet for the Xbox One, but now we have learned that the first bundles are coming.

Microsoft has two bundles in the works for the Xbox One. The first of which is the Madden NFL 15 bundle which will be released the same week as Madden NFL 15. There is not much to tell here other than it will ship August 26th and include the standard Xbox One and Xbox One wireless controller in black, along wth a copy of Madden NFL 15. As a bonus it will include a code for three Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team packs. Buyers get all of this for $399 with no Kinect of course.

The second bundle is a bit more interesting. Scheduled to arrive on October 28th, the Sunset Overdrive bundle will include a white Xbox One console and white Xbox One wireless controller with Sunset Overdrive as the pack-in title. While rumors of a some sorta of extra bonus code for Sunset Overdrive seem like a potential given, we are hearing the bundle will again not feature the Kinect and carry a $399 price tag.

A Xbox 360 holiday bundle is also planned and we suspect a the rumors of a third Xbox One holiday bundle are also likely. None of the Xbox One bundles so far feature any special themed consoles and controller yet, but with the white console being released, we can imagine that the first themed consoles and controller can’t be far behind. We also continue to hear rumors of a 1TB hard drive version of the console is coming, with some saying that it will be part of the Sunset Overdrive bundle.

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